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The cost of a solar power system capable of supplying energy for a typical home that consumes 920 kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy per month can be anywhere between $2,400 and $79,000. If electrical costs rise up approximately 4% every year, this means you will be saving almost $63,000 in comparison to your average household electricity costs for the next 21 years. The range...  Read More

Discoverd by German architect, Andre Broessel, this solar generator can generate around 35% more than conventional solar panels. Check it...

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With the crisis that people are facing now, everyone is called to save. It is important that we save as much money as we can and refrain from buying things that we do...

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It’s a common goal for a lot of companies and homes to use renewable energy as much as possible. People nowadays know the importance of saving the environment by...

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It does not take insane sacrifices or heavy expenditure on green gadgets to create an energy efficient home. There are simple adjustments which cannot cripple everyday activities but can go a long way in reducing energy bills and turning your home greener even when it is not structurally designed to be so. Reviewing the manner in which you operate some of the appliances...  Read More

As the sound of your air conditioner runs, the sound of your drying bank account should hit your ears too because air conditioning and heating takes almost half of the...

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It’s a common goal for a lot of companies and homes to use renewable energy as much as possible. People nowadays know the importance of saving the environment by...

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Going green seems to be a buzz phrase that everyone is talking about. While some seek green options to reduce their carbon footprints, others are just anxious to see the...

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7 Awesome Ways to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill

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7 Awesome Ways to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill

Energy Saving Tip

As the sound of your air conditioner runs, the sound of your drying bank account should hit your ears too because air conditioning and heating takes almost half of the monthly utility bills. With a central air conditioning unit, there is a chance to make huge energy savings especially in this century where every homeowner dreams of going green. Implement the following tips to help you cool down the air conditioning budget.

Plant more trees around the home

Almost all the heat that penetrates into your home emanates from direct sunshine which is either hitting the roof or sneaking in through the windows. To curb this and ultimately reduce the cost of conditioning our homes, planting leafy trees around the house is a handy option. A leafy environment absorbs most of the heat and prevents it from finding way into the house. No matter the cost of foresting your exterior, it goes a long way in boosting your AC’s efficiency.

Fan the house properly

A fan must not necessarily look fancy and be expensive. Regardless of aesthetics, they all serve the basic function of circulating air inside the house. Find a way in which you can sneak fans to the upper part of your house and open windows on the lower part. Close windows which are close to the fans and open those that are far away. Ensure there is moving air circulated into the house because it helps evaporate sweat from the human skin and this is one of the most efficient processes of reducing heat from the home.

Clothe your windows

Knowing that windows let in most of the heat that you are fighting to eliminate should prompt you to find a lasting alternative. There are mesh-like window screens or solar screens in the market today, which essentially intercept close to 70% of all the solar energy which could have otherwise sneaked into the house.

Alternatively, you can use window films. These are transparent and metalized sheets which are designed to reflect heat away before it is transmitted through glass. Solar screens are superior to all these options because they keep insects and heat away even when your windows are open.

Make good use of the shower

Whenever temperatures rise, never think of the air conditioning system always. Hop into the shower and sprinkle yourself with a water bottle. Take a cool piece of cloth and run it through the back of your neck. If you don’t feel chilled, aim at convincing your mind. One writer once said that the comfort of a human being will depend on the temperatures that he or she has experienced in the recent past. As such, acknowledge that your mind and body can adapt to such temperatures rather than running to electronic appliances each time there is a small change.

Maintain you AC in good shape

The efficiency of your AC will mostly depend on its technological composition. This means there are little maintenance practices that must be carried out in order for this technology to serve you as expected. For instance, keeping the filters clean will create room for efficient air movement. Air conditioners have a shelf life too. Once it has served you for a certain duration that its efficiency begins to decline, perhaps it is time you bought a new one. This can actually reduce its energy consumption by half. When buying you air conditioning unit, go for a high-energy-efficiency ratio.

Avoid the stove when baking and cooking

Indoor heat multiplies the task that your air conditioning unit is supposed to execute. At times, especially during the day, there are heating instances that you can avoid. Taking a cold salad on a hot afternoon will not make you less of a homeowner. If you are required to boil some pasta for the next day, do it late into the evening when the house is cool.

Camp out in your basement

Basements are always eco-cooled if you are lucky to have one. A source of entertainment, a drink and a comfortable couch is all you would require to spend a warm afternoon wisely. Instead of struggling with the air conditioning unit in your living room, relax in such a place and you would have significantly saved your budget.

Conclusively, saving big on air conditioning is not meant to render the system useless. It means there are simple inefficiencies which must be approached through everyday adjustments to make your home energy-efficient.

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Top Sources of Renewable Energy: Are These Methods Safe Though?

Top Sources of Renewable Energy: Are These Methods Safe Though?

It’s a common goal for a lot of companies and homes to use renewable energy as much as possible. People nowadays know the importance of saving the environment by minimizing the use of produced energies from power plants and other sites.
While its importance has been emphasized, many individuals take this to the next level by ensuring the process of renewing energy more environment friendly than before. The following are some ways how renewing energy can be safer for the environment.

Solar panels

Solar panels have been the most famous way of producing alternative energy. Countless facilities as well as homes have installed these systems in their properties, allowing them to use solar energy at all times. While these systems used panels, environmental safety advocates can be confident that they are employing an eco-friendly solution. Solar panel manufacturers found a way to make these boards using green procedures, ensuring the environment is safe with every panel they produced.
With these, one can help save the environment since they do not contain pollutants, making these clean energy sources. With the use of these panels, one can expect reduced greenhouse emissions as well as reduced fuel consumptions. Since it is abundantly available, it is said to be sustainable. These technology are actually designed to last for long years. As such, it means long-term savings for homeowners as well asbusiness owners who are using it.

Wind energy

Similarly with solar energy, wind energy is also a famous renewable energy employed usually in agricultural areas. Constructing a windmill is the initial point of power conversion. Under or within these windmills are other contraptions that convert wind energy to mechanical or electrical energy.

Mechanical energy is used in accomplishing certain operations within farms, which eliminates excessive use of electrical energy to run these machines. Many people are confident in using wind energy since building windmills does not require as much technicalities and can be accomplished on their own. They simply need to use their own skills in building the main construction.
Some of the perks in using this kind of alternative energy source include the following:

1) It does not cause pollution; it is a green energy source;
2) We cannot run out of this energy source, since it is widely available; it means it is renewable;
3) Prices of wind turbines continues to decrease since year 1980;
4) The wind power’s potential is huge; it can generate the needed electricity of many households;
5) More and more people across the globe resort to using this kind of alternative energy source, which means that this is a reliable energy source.

Biofuel production

Producing fuel seems impossible without utilizing inorganic components and employing eco-friendly procedures. However, numerous experts taught people about how it can be done without causing problems to the environment. Fuels were derived from a wide array of biological wastes through intricate procedures developed by science experts. With their contributions, people can now use renewable energy as fuel for their daily needs.

Aside from the earlier known biofuel production, a recent news about a young Egyptian student buzzed across the cyberworld after discovering a way to generate biofuel from plastic wastes. This is a remarkable news in the science world because plastic wastes have been a major problem across the globe. Plastics are non-biodegrable, which is difficult to dispose off and will just accumulate in the long run. However, a simple catalysts can break these plastic wastes down and create fuel. Furthermore, this procedure is developed by a very young student named Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad.

Due to its promising results, reports claim that United Kingdom would develop the solution further last year. This promising solution will not only help in saving fuel produced the conventional way, but also ridding the earth with excessive plastic wastes.
Without a doubt, using renewable or alternative energy is a way to save the world from impending grave environmental threats. By being able to follow eco-friendly procedure, humans will double the process of protecting the environment and be safe from its harmful effects. Be confident in trying these eco-friendly energy sources and contribute to complete environmental safety.

Conclusion: If you wish to contribute in saving the environment, using these top alternative energy sources is certainly a wise move. You cannot only save the world, you can also save a lot of your money in the long run.

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Green Living Helps The Environment and Saves You Money!

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Green Living Helps The Environment and Saves You Money!

3045744275_b2ebe8d7cb_bGoing green seems to be a buzz phrase that everyone is talking about. While some seek green options to reduce their carbon footprints, others are just anxious to see the cost savings that these options have to offer. Whatever your reason, going green does not have to be a burdensome process. There are some simple steps that anyone can take to live a greener lifestyle.

A really easy step to living green is to change out all the light bulbs in your home for CFC bulbs. These bulbs use about 1/4 the amount of energy and they last longer too. They cost about the same as a traditional bulb, but you will use them for a longer period of time and reduce your energy bill each month in the process. You can start by purchasing a package or two and just changing bulbs that are burnt out, or you can choose to change every bulb in your house at the same time and probably only spend a couple of hundred dollars doing so.

Save your water. Taking a quick shower, brushing your teeth without the water running and using rain water on your garden will all conserve enormous amounts of water. Most of it is wasteful to begin with; start making a conscious effort to observe your habits in water use and you will see considerable room for improvement.

You can reduce the amount of energy you use by being more careful about turning off lights and unplugging the appliances you do not use. Adopt a different schedule so you can use sunlight rather than turning lights on. Take the time to educate the other members of your household about the importance of saving energy. You should also invest in a better insulation and energy-efficient appliances if you can.

You can reduce your energy bills by investing in a green energy system designed to power only one appliance. If you have a swimming-pool, you should consider getting a solar-powered water pump. Solar-powered waters heaters and outside lights are very popular products too. Contact vendors in your area to find out more about these small systems. It will usually take a couple of years before you start saving money thanks to your small scale system.

A full scale green energy system is a major expense and it will take you a decade or more before you start saving money. However, getting a green energy system should not impact your budget if you finance it properly. Get a loan to cover the initial cost of your system and its installation and set up monthly payments that correspond to what you used to pay on your energy bills.

Most energy providers offer meter rollback programs. If you have a green energy system, you will be able to join one of these programs and the energy you produce will be sent to the main power grid. This saves you the expense of a storing system for the power you produce and you will not have to purchase a generator to use as a backup. You will be able to draw an amount of power that does not exceed what you send to the main grid at no cost and receive a check for the power you did not use. Think about purchasing a system that can produce more power than you need to earn bigger checks through the meter rollback program you join.

Once you get a green energy system, you will have to spend money to have a professional inspect it and clean it regularly. Repairs can be expensive too; make sure you properly insure your system. You can save a lot by following a formation to become a solar or wind technician and perform inspections and minor repairs yourself. You can become a technician after only a couple years of taking classes in a community college. Once you become a qualified technician, you will be able to earn money by inspecting and repairing other systems in your area as a part-time job.

Finally, consider ditching the clothes dryer for a clothes line. There is nothing quite as nice as the smell of freshly laundered sheets off the clothesline. In addition to the nice smell, this will help your family to conserve energy versus the cost of using a gas or electric dryer. The cost savings can be hundreds a year, and the benefits to the environment are numerous too.

Apply these tips to switch to green energy without spending a fortune. You should take the time to educate yourself about different options available to you and do the math to figure out how much money you will save.

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